I'm not saying I'm trying to start a revolution, but when is the running world going to wake up and see that a predawn run on a golf course is just about the closest thing to a religious experience it is possible to enjoy. The air is quiet, the grass is soft and good on the muscles, the terrain pitches and rolls (horribly, in places, making for some grinding uphills), and an overall sense of tranquility sugar-coats the fact that golf courses are demanding cross country runs. There are legal issues, of course, with the golf police frowning on runners. But they get over it. Just keep to yourself. Be courteous. Stay off the greens and out of the bunkers. And always get off the course before the golfers begin their day.

Sure, the 4:45 wake-up is brutal. But you will be rewarded. Which is nice.

Today's Workout

The team is recovering. Yesterday was pretty tough, particularly with a crosswind blowing west to east across the track. An hour of recovery and some core should get everyone feeling better. As for my Tuesday Night Track Workout for my adult runners, it's going to be a dandy. The focus will be on endurance. A simple ladder for the tougher crowd (100-200-400-600-1000 and then back down), with some fun stuff for the other groups. As always, burgers and hydration to follow.