1) Trying to work on having a heart of gratitude. I made it a practice for awhile early in the year and then stopped when a bunch of small projects distracted me. Bottom line is that it makes me happier and I like myself better when I don't grumble.

2) League Finals today. Weather is supposed to be rainy with a touch of lightning. Donder and blitzen is never a good thing when it comes to a track meet, in fact it means an automatic cancellation. I guess we'll opt for the power of prayer if we're going to pull this thing off. Seems like a natural for a league composed of five Catholic schools and one Lutheran.

3) The script about a coach and his distance runners that I'm now writing is coming along well. The plan is to finish it in the next month. Problem is, any time a piece is semi-autobiographical the pace slows because you have to deal with your own issues as you write about them. In the end, cathartic. But in the short term, not a walk in the park. Sometimes the things the characters say make me laugh out loud as I write, which is always a good thing.

4) Dr. Kelly Starrett's mobility exercises are another source of slow and steady recovery. Who knew that the daily discipline of increasing range of motion could be so incredibly painful? My tendons and muscles are not happy at all right now. And I know that sitting is the new smoking, but the idea of a stand-up desk just doesn't sound right -- which means paying even more attention to the hip flexors. 

5) Really loving this season of Survivor. Headed to the finale in LA in a couple weeks. Haven't done the finale in a long time, and this one should be a great deal of fun.

Today's Workout

Race. I'm intentionally focusing my runners on the 1600 and 3200 as a means of getting them strong and fast now, but also knowing it will make them very hard to beat in cross country season. This is the last competition of the track season for almost all my runners. We'll shut them down completely for almost two weeks and then slowly reintroduce running. For those runners advancing into the next round of competition, hoping to make the State Meet, this is the jumping off point into that next-level racing. Things get pretty exciting from here on out.