Other than this blog and my track team, I've pretty much been a layabout the past month. I don't do well with inactivity -- not because I am compulsive and incapable of down time (though I am told by my wife that this is the case) -- but because I just end up spinning my wheels. Nothing gets accomplished. The garage doesn't get cleaned. I don't even sit down and read. I just waste time. So with that in mind I pulled out a legal pad this weekend and began writing down some projects I'd like to tackle. The process began slowly, but I've found that once you let ideas come at you without editing them for craziness or absurdity, things happen. Goals made the list, ranging from life ambitions to tomorrow's hopes and dreams. So did a couple writing projects I've been kicking around. By late-afternoon yesterday, inspired by watching my wife run a perfectly wonderful half-marathon, I caught myself in mid-rant about something or other having to do with losing perfectly good runners to the pointless and self-serving world of club sports, then actually decided to do something about it. Thus was born the USATF Foundation's Olympic Development Program. It's still in the working phase, but I've reached out to a bunch of great coaches to get their thoughts on how best to make this happen. Which may or may not explain why I found myself out for a 5 a.m. golf course run with my buddy, Gregg. It was very dark, with just enough moon to tell the difference between a bunker and the fairway. Got in a good sweat, logged it all on Strava, and came home absolutely thrilled to be alive. Back in the office now, a place I haven't visited in a month. It's time to ease back into my routine, one word at a time.

Today's Workout

League Finals are Friday. For some runners this is the last meet of the season, so we'll go for a few steady miles just to keep their aerobic strength where it should be. Tomorrow will be their hard day. For those moving on to the postseason, today is going to be a very deliberate "take your medicine Monday," complete with a hard track session of various paces. As a sidelight, it will be interesting to see the level of fatigue in those runners who spent the weekend at Stagecoach. I do not anticipate this being a pleasant afternoon for some of them.