1) The Stagecoach Festival has introduced an interesting dynamic to the high school track & field season. There was a shortage of buses available to transport athletes to yesterday's league prelims, thanks to all the charter companies headed out to Indio. And the number of girls who finished their events and then found a place to shower and put on the cowboy duds as soon as humanly possible after their race was an interesting phenomenon. Definitely a cultural moment. I was intrigued that the fashion meant far more than the music.

2) Yesterday's full afternoon and evening of track & field laid me low. Didn't take on the Rwanda ride this morning or even bike along with my team during their a.m. workout. At some point the body just shuts down and mine had that moment this morning. This is not stopping me from watching the Drake Relays while I type right now, or have me longing for the Penn Relays to be held on a different weekend than the start of our postseason. I'd love to take a team there one of these years.

3) Staying sharp by working on a new set of essays and a screenplay.

4) Less than 100 days to the Rio Olympics. Really hoping these aren't a debacle.

5) I was asked at a dinner a few nights ago to name my favorite non-fiction authors. I listed William Manchester, David McCullough and Max Hastings. Completely forgot to mention Michael Herr, whose Dispatches I re-read at least once a year. So immediate. So transformational.

Today's Workout

Post-prelims long-ish run. Five miles out, with the last mile up the side of a mountain. Come back down gently, but tempo the last three miles on the flat.