1) Still stunned by the passing of Prince, but somehow he seemed like one of those people who would never grow old.

2) The "Depths of Hell" video of the Irish 4x400 finish has gone viral, but I still keep watching it. The finish and the announcer's call are as epic as anything I've seen or heard in a long time.

3) Orange County Track & Field Championships tomorrow. Starts at dawn and goes until nightfall, making for a long day of track & field. But the level competition is exceptional and the packed stadium makes for a palpable excitement every time a new race steps to the line.

4) Just one month to the Rwanda 50 ride, which takes about a thousand mountain bikers through the mountains and canyons of Orange County. It has been suggested -- and correctly so -- that in addition to its surf culture and beachfront hotels, the OC could make a good tourist dollar by catering to the same mountain bike crowd that travels to Moab and Mammoth. No chairlifts, but miles and miles of gorgeous wilderness trails.

5) Hitting that troublesome time of the track season. School's almost out, and with the season almost done, those athletes not moving on to the postseason are starting to lose their focus. This drift has the unintentional effect of impacting the big championship races coming up in the next two weeks and also the runners moving on to compete well into June. It's been said that coaching is the art of manipulation, but this time of year it's also a good deal of one-on-one motivation to get the results everyone needs and wants to finish their season feeling like a success.

Today's Workout

Pre-meet for those competing tomorrow. Fartlek work for the rest. Core. Strides. Stretch.